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Fleet Management on RV Rental Request.com

Start your own RV Rental Homes Based Business

Make up to $2450 a month
Renting out your RV or Motorhome

RV Rental Request will book your unit for you.  Choose from many home based programs:

1) Deliver your Motorhome or Travel Trailer within your area to campers that are wanting to lodge near you.


2) Set up your unit to be picked up from campers that are wanting to use a Travel trailer or motor home in your area.

As a RV Rental Agent of RV Rental Request your Motorhome / Travel Trailer is insured under our million dollar RV rental policies.  All Drivers of Motorhome are required to put up credit card deposits to cover any damages so there is literally no risk to the owner of the unit.

"This is better than the Real Estate Business" says corporate Investor.

Just think allot of people are buying real-estate left and right but if you do the math the RV property management way is the way to go.

If you take a $100,000  30 year mortgage you would pay approximately $655 at 6%. if you was to rent out your home you might be able to rent it at $850 a month if your lucky. Now take a $60,000 Motorhome. 

If you had the same terms on your Motorhome your monthly payment would around $360.00 a month and you stand to make $2450 a month because we keep your unit booked.  This is easy math....

We probably already received several calls a day from your area and are booked solid.

Maybe you already own a motorhome or travel trailer that is not being used frequently, then in this case you would get to keep more of the pie.

RV Rental Request  assists RV owners by renting or selling their RVs on a consignment basis. If you would like to take advantage of the booming RV Rental industry, or your just looking for a unique investment opportunity please contact us.

RV Rental Request is working with recreational vehicle owners to establish a long-term relationship for our mutual benefits. When consigning your motorhome or travel trailer with us you can receive the following benefits:

Tax benefits
Cash flow from your recreational vehicle rentals
Consistent use to keep vehicle parts in proper working order
Use of your vehicle at times that are convenient for you

RV Rental Request makes the following guarantees:
We market your RV
We handle the rental process from A to Z
We screen every driver before every rental
We make sure you get timely payment of your lease-back earnings

Contact us at (888) 418-6889 Ext 60 for more information, or to enroll today.

Send mail to support@rvrentalrequest.com, or call us at (888) 418-6889 with questions or comments about this web site.

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